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  1. Ok, so i have just imbedded artwork to 3,500 tracks on my PC and copied them to sd card for my android. The artwork is for the song itself if released as a Single or the Album if not. Problem i have is for example I go to Achtung Baby which has embedded artwork for the singles and album tracks - I notice that one of the album tracks artwork is poor quality so i do a long press to download a better version, this works but i then find that ALL 12 songs including the singles now have the album artwork. So i go to say Mysterious Ways and re-select the embedded artwork, this works but then ALL 12 tracks now have the Mysterious Ways cover !!! Am i doing something wrong here or is this a quirk that needs fixing?
  2. Whilst i use Poweramp 95% of the time, this is the one feature missing that makes me use an alternative player - the ability of playlist/grouping BY YEAR. If introduced perhaps it could group the years by decades also, perfect for those 70,s themed parties!
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