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  1. Thanks for the reply. How about not seeing the slider during volume changes? I don't have the custom volume panel selected so shouldn't the stock Android volume slider pop up during volume changes?
  2. Hi, I have some odd issues with v3 on my LG V20 H990DS on Nougat 7.0.0. On the screenshot you can see Poweramp using a separate volume slider. I'm not casting to anything while doing this and this happens with or without wifi being used. Even after I have closed Poweramp this slider hangs in memory, most times I have to f/c Poweramp to get rid of it. Also the onscreen volume slider does not appear (ever) with v3 but I had no issues with v2, the volume still changes it's just that the visual part does not work. Same symptoms are present with both speaker and headphones. There's a whole lot of good things to like about v3 so don't think I'm trashing the whole app. Just more of a why is that question.
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