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  1. Yes, absolutely, I totally agree with you. We all do, LOL. English, dude!
  2. If you want to go back to last alpha 709 build which was pretty stable, please read my post:
  3. Guys, there's no need to do anything. I backed up the last stable alpha 2 build 709 - please read my post: All you have to do is to uninstall 3.x and install 2.x I provided. It is a legit version downloaded from the Play Store, just before this unfortunate "beta" was released. I had enough of these bugs which were too annoying, hence I went back to perfectly stable alpha I managed to successfully back up. It's not hacked nor modified whatsoever, it also requires Poweramp Unlocker. Just use it and enjoy. This release candidate version is simply useless. Please let me know if you
  4. I have enough. Fortunately, I was paranoid enough to make a copy with MyAPKPro of the last Alpha version (build 709) which was STABLE AND FULLY FUNCTIONAL for like the two years or so. I did the backup just before downloading Beta version - just in case. Of course, you need legit version of Poweramp Unlocker - this one is a classic Trial Version from the Play store. Just remembered *not to* download the update from the Play store, otherwise this build will be overwritten by newest Beta. I personally switched off the auto updates. If you can't get that build anymore, here it is:
  5. Glad to know someone reads this forum! The biggest issue for me though is that Poweramp "forgets" the song it played even after small interruption, like answering the call. If you have large playlists it can be extremely annoying. It's the biggest bug so far, just next to Bluetooth issues (now partially fixed).
  6. Release candidate? Is this a joke????? I'm going back to Alpha 709. Until you fix ridiculous, unituitive UI (where the hell can I switch from displaying meta tags to plain file names?) and fix basic errors that NEVER OCCURED IN PREVIOUS VERSIONS, I'm done with it. Bugs: unable to see file names. Unable to select song from playlist by tapping on it. Nasty fix: kill Poweramp process in the App Manager. Unstable Bluetooth playback (Poweramp pauses randomly and starts playing playlists from the beginning). But most annoying... You've surely fckd this Beta version up... Even answeri
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