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  1. @maxmpYeah i mean auto resume. The bt receiver beeps when the device is connected and from there it takes more than just 0.5 or even 2 sec. I checked the processed commands log and it is empty. After about 30 seconds Poweramp logs the connection and starts playing. Let me guess that's android's fault, sadly some builds ago i didn't had such problems 😕 Wait For Storage is disabled. To show that this isn't just a feeling with the slow auto resume i made a test in window mode with a counter. I started the counter when android connects (icon in the top bar changed). As you can see 29 seconds after connect still nothing...
  2. Since one of the last 1-2 builds the bluetooth auto play is way slower than before. Normally it starts playing some seconds after connection is established. Now after the connection is there i have to wait 35-40 seconds for Poweramp to start the music. Was way better in the builds before (on Samsung galaxy s8). This is really annoying in the car when i hear the sound that my phone is connected and then silence. Or with headphones when you are already out of the building and still nothing and when you don't expect it the music kicks in. Anyone else experienced the same?
  3. Hi, i know that Poweramp supports replay gain, but this is just not the same. Please add automatic gain control like in the JetAudio Player. AGC normalize the output to a constant level automatically and you don't have to manually adjust it or set the complicated replay gain for every track on your computer. Think about people without a pc who can't set it, because there is no app for android to set replay gain or just for the simplicity.. This feature would make PA complete for me.
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