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  1. That makes sense. I guess this only relates to Hi-Res Audio? On OpenSL ES Output it seems to work regardless of DVC on or off.. Anyways thank you both, I learned something today~
  2. Hello, Sorry to bring back an old thread.Which output settings are you using? Muviz should work with any of the OpenSL ES Output settings but for Hi-Res Output I think you need to 'enable' "No DVC" for Muviz to show. Hello Max, Big fan of your work btw I bet the OP was asking here because the app he mentioned works with all music apps except Poweramp. Like I stated in my reply above it seems to work for me at least on Hi-Res Output but only with No DVC. Would you know if this is due what you mentioned above about security reasons? I love Poweramp and love the dock visualization from Muviz but DVC makes everything sound so much better for me so wondering if there is a solution they can coexist. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,