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  1. I had this issue too, but I could resolve it by deleting all data from Poweramp. So I had to reconfigure the app from scratch. But after a few days this bug automatically came back. Without changing any setting. I then did the same thing again, configured everything again and backed up my settings. After a few days the issue appeared again. Then I restored my stored settings, and everything worked again like normal. Will it be useful if I post the working settings and in a few days post the not working settings? So @maxmp can check the differences between them?
  2. 1. Pixel 2 XL with Sonata HD DAC Cable II: https://www.hidizs.net/products/dac-cable 2. Stock ROM with magisk. Pie latest patch. 3. There is no audio_policy.conf. I uploaded what looked similar. Poweramp only outputs 24/48. audio_policy_volumes.xml audio_policy_configuration.xml audio_platform_info_tavil_taimen.xml audio_effects.xml
  3. Please fix. Still 16/48 on hi ress
  4. @andrewilley @maxmp I played a 24/192 file on my Pixel 2 XL and a Hidizs sonata hd DAC cable II. This is the result:
  5. Neutron and hiby music player work better. Can I help in fixing this?
  6. It would be nice to have an answer. I never had a reply for any of my questions or comments in this forum.
  7. @maxmp Why is my dac only outputting 24bit/48khz with any file I play. Even if the file is a 24/96 file?
  8. Hi maxmp I can only choose between OpenSL ES Output and Audiotrack Output. Where is the hi res output? I also have a feature request. Maybe it is already possible but I don't see it. Would it be possible to add an option, when the queue list has finished, the songs get removed from that list? And is it possible, when I shuffle all my songs, to see the whole playlist in the shuffled order they are going to be played with? And also be able to rearrange them if needed. Thank you. Oh yeah, I have a pixel 2 XL with a Hidizs sonata HD DAC cable II 
  9. Also, Poweramp forgets which song is being played after Bluetooth disconnect/connect. Sometimes it plays the next song, sometimes previous song. It also says unable to play song.flac.
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