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  1. How should I downgrade to Poweramp stable version?? Are you referring to V2??
  2. Thanks for the heads-up Chris. May I know the ETA for stable build for Android Pie devices. Eagerly waiting ??
  3. Hi Team, Just now happened to notice that the audio not only stutters for a text message, it happens for every notifications. Audio begins to crack and stutters, so I have to put my phone on DND as a temporary fix. Can you guyz please send me an update on this??
  4. Hi, After Android Pie update, Poweramp audio stutters and cracks for several seconds everytime I receive a text message when the notifications are ON. If it's in DND mode or vibrate mode, no issues. But mostly i'll leave my phone's notification ON and its annoying sometimes. Is there a fix??
  5. Hi, I was about to complain about the same problem. I have a Nokia 7 plus and used to have high resolution playback because my device is under the subset of devices which can use Hi-Res playback. When I enable it, no audio is coming out. It is not working after Android Pie update. When will it start working??
  6. No Salu. I don't have volume control in my earphones. I always have to do it manually in my mobile volume buttons. No issues so far.
  7. Hey thanks for your reply Atomi and Francisco. Actually the earphones button to change the songs wasn't working. And now it got resolved during the latest update. Now I'm able to change the song even when the screen is off/ phone's locked in my pocket. Poweramp is awesome guyz. Hope you would come over all the issues and errors and provide a full stable version quickly. ?
  8. The headphone button is responding only when I'm inside the player. It's not working when I'm out of the player or my screen is locked/screen is off. Its really annoying when I have to unlock my screen every time to change the song. Is it a known bug?? You people are already working on it.
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