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  1. Totally Agree. The old UI was just intuitive and consistent, top to bottom. Rock solid. I know users have said the new UI requires some getting used to and then it feels like it is better. I don't think so, at least absolutely not so far, ie. beta 796. It is cluttered, gaudy and all over the place. Unnecesaary checklists, gaudy thumbnails, bad fonts, meaningless use of size options, inconsistent placement etc. Why change something so beautiful and well laid out simply to appear to have changed. Really sorry, but, I have this major gripe. Poweramp was one of those few apps that wasn't or didn't need to keep rolling out new updates. Because for a very long time nothing was broken, it was the best and therefore, nothing needed fixing. Of course, there were some quirks, eg. exporting playlists never really worked for me. But apart from that nothing much else. Until Oreo came along and the notification shade needed fixing. Alright, so you wanted to improve Audio Output. Perfect. But why mess with everything else that was The Best by a long shot. Sorry. Really disappointed.
  2. Dear Poweramp developers, Stars system or thumbs system, either way is ok. Although, I'd imagine the stars system is a little more future proof. What is a major regression from v2 is the fact that the ratings do not show up in any list or playlist (apart from the "top rated" filter). This makes the UI really difficult to use. Why? Because one painstakingly marks the songs in a very large selection as favorites, randomly, as one listens to them. (My collection is large enough such that I don't listen to a song a second time for many months at a time. Am sure am not unique). Not being able to find them easily later on, defeats the whole process. Thanks.
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