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  1. Hello, I'm using Poweramp in an Android powered car audio system. I like using it over the factory player as it looks and works better. Since installing the 796 version, I have two issues, on power up, after about a minute or two of playing audio files from a USB stick, the audio seems to start lagging and pauses due to buffer or USB issues, eventually stopping. If I close all running apps and restarting Poweramp I can sometimes avoid this. Alternatively I just restart the deck to fix it entirely. The second issue is the Bluetooth resume issue, it doesn't automatically start playing again after a phone call. I'm running Poweramp on a Joying car deck, model JY-UO134P4. I hope these problems are just settings. Thanks
  2. Joying Car Audio Deck Model JY-UO134P4 It runs Android 8 with 1024x600 display with Octa Core Processor Car Radio with 2GB/4GB RAM + 32GB /64GB ROM The regular player works well, but adding HI Rez audio would be nice. Would you consider doing DTS audio as well? for Quadraphonic audio playback? Thank you
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