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  1. Hi, Coming from the Samsung galaxy note 4 and v2 of the app, I just got recently the new Samsung galaxy note 9. After having problems with the notifications not working correctly on Oreo, after some researches I found that the problem was solved in the beta v3 of the app, so I decided to give it a try instead of leaving and searching another music player. I was using USB audio player pro to play HD files with an external ifi usb dac and to discover that the v3 version of Poweramp was able to play hd files was a great news for me. I must say I like the interface a lot, even if I needed some adaptation time . It's sometimes hard to find some options and there are still things I don't like at the moment. Like the song's name on the cd cover, the vizualisation button, the play button being too big for my taste, etc... Those are details and I hope skins, or options will permit to change it later to my suitability. My main problem isn't here. What I love with my phone is its multi window capability and its SPen. And here, where I had a nice working interface in horizontal window mode on the note 4 with the v2, it's a total mess on the note 9 with the v3. The buttons overlap and controls are way too big. Even if, yes, on the note 4 you could just resize the window diagonally without proportions problems, and on the note 9 you can resize it the way you want, creating lots of problems if the app isn't optimized, here, I need to put it almost in full screen to get it working and not click on the wrong button. Interface should be able to resize itself correctly when the window is stretched, or having some controls hide themselves when the window is too small. Here's what I had on the v2 withe the Note 4: https://streamable.com/3vtvi And on the v3 RC 797 with the note 9: https://streamable.com/43h81 Phones and apps used: Samsung Galaxy note 9 SM-N960F, Oreo 8.1.0, official Samsung ROM, v3 RC 797 Samsung Galaxy note 4 SM-N910F, Marshmallow 6.01, official Samsung ROM, v2.0.10-build-588-uni
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