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  1. After re-pairing still happen the same. Using Google Messages then "hear notification sound" switched "on". Today i'm using v875. Following up the issue: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/19278-Poweramp-builds-872-874/?do=findComment&comment=86042
  2. Correcting , sorry not in incoming notification tone.. I'm using google messages and "hear outgoing message sound" is switched "on". When the volume is at 30% or lower, outgoing message tone seems to override the volume mechanism of PA which this app acts temporary volume intonation (sudden volume amplification) for about 1second. Only occurs in version 874.. gonna try 875 n' see if this reccuring.
  3. I encounter some minor issue.. hope i describe it well.. for you to mock it. Im using Poweramp v874 play version,arm64,my handset unit is Asus Zenfone 5z,Java base output using bluetooth speaker,duck volume is ON. When volume is at 30% or lower, duck volume acts weird when their is incoming system sound notification the volume suddenly amplified so its much louder ,supposedly,if duck volume is ON it must be slightly lowered than the defined volume when there is any incoming sound from notification,also the musixmatch doenst show its floating lyrics unlike in <P A 871 version music
  4. after putting some lines of shutdown intent, license shows "4" hahaha. by the way, hows "shutdown intent" works? see screenshot for reference
  5. Thanks andrei.. indeed that this is a feature request not a place for debate in a first place that don't tackle the main thread.
  6. Well if that's the definition, i don't know whats the exact process for that,based on my experience when editing music,remixing, when i shorten the duration of music(not trimming) pitch also change.
  7. In Poweramp,playback speed doesn't affect the pitch i guess. Maybe you are pointing other stuff. If im right that's compression, playbackspeed varies with pitch, if playback was extended pitch was also low.. otherwise. 2019_06_17_10_08_39.mp4
  8. To put an end to this misunderstanding regarding pitch kindly listen and watch this video i'd made. This feature if permitted by maxmp could be added into Poweramp. 2019_06_17_09_53_34.mp4
  9. Well i think you didn't got me. First if i'm not mistaken, Tempo is about playback speed and pertaining to how fast or slow the beat. Technically, pitch is how close the frequency crest that manipulates the amplitude of a sound producing high or low frequency at a given normal playback speed.
  10. It might be good to have a feature wherein PA can change the pitch of the song.
  11. Poweramp build 830,stock rom,android 9.0(pie),non root. Problem: Smoothness of play/pause fade feature seems to be rough. When output is set to Hi-res then buffer size is maximum(100 x8 or see screenshot), dvc is enabled the problem occurs. Using other output with the same buffer size was fine. In conclusion, this only happens in hi-res output.
  12. Hi Andre, Just a working adb,cable and pc is enough. No need for root access to have this feature. About rewinding/fwd, did you use some apps to have this one?
  13. No. It performs its function when not in Poweramp user interface. This feature was intended only for changing tracks.
  14. Yes Maxmp, i used volume key long press option. In the next update, will it solve the problem?
  15. App:Poweramp V3 build 830 and early version Unit: zenfone 5Z Rom: stock Android version: 9.0 Volume (next/previous feature) listener affects other media after exiting Poweramp unless forced stopped. Elaborating the problem, after exiting Poweramp(not forced stopped) and ticking the X button on notification when I'm playing some other media that uses volume keys a beep sound will be heard indicating that Poweramp is active on background. It's really annoying like when we are playing games and sound needs to be lowered by pressing and holding the volume key it does not
  16. well i assumed that this might be firmware related problem. i upgrade my zenfone 5z to Pie OS, before that, in oreo firmware i did'nt encounter this problem.. i used to toggle on the dvc @ hi-res output setted to 384khz,volume is at 100,using a hi-res supported earphone and everything works fine. i update to Pie os, and this problem occurred.. i use PA v818 all the time.. next,i upgrade to v820 thinking that it would solve but still same problem.
  17. Is it normal to have a low volume when when dvc is enabled at hi-res and frequency is calibrated to 384khz?
  18. makikiapir na din ako. hahahha
  19. notice some irregular display of elements. i'm using build 815. whenever i'm adjusting the knob ,the value zooms in until it can't be seen. not only the l/r output but also stereo expansion and volume knob. refer to his thread: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/16058-several-very-obvious-bugs-have-been-found-please-fix-them/
  20. nice new layout and options to be test. merry christmas too Maxmp
  21. 1. Asus Zenfone 5z 2. Stock Rom 3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eyzdHbvgaxV_vx-lw32hd7PgvY0O_y0Q/view?usp=sharing im using Build 807. does this build support hi-res on my phone? Thanks in Advance (i'm uploading the audio_policy of mine just for countermeasure) audio_policy.conf.txt
  22. is this normal? when hi-res output is selected for wired headset then direct volume control is enabled.. playback is directed to speaker.. and when dvc is disabled it is playing back normally in wired headset but the quality of sound is somehow reduced. im using 802 build.
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