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  1. "Q" knob is turn to specific value
  2. yes that it is. the scoller under the band aka panning area.
  3. assigned preset works well in my device
  4. bug: switching from graphical to parametric , bands does not show its color in panning area. workaround here is add another band then it will show.
  5. was that normal? in parametric equalizer, first 2 color of parametric band shown only on panning area? earlier that was the case but now it's okay. don't know what triggers to show all the colors. i tried 10 bands for testing and all of them have unique configuration. may i suggest a priority layers of colors according that what parametric band is selected? i have 2 suggestion but either of the two will implemented if it was suited for other users preference. 1st. when band is selected the corresponding color only shows on equalizer pan area and the others band color were hide or have lower opacity than the selected likewise if no band are selected opacity off all colors are normal therefore layering each other. 2nd. custom opacity for each band color and more color selection either by hex values or tint dropper(tint cursor) for fully customized experienced. p.s i may move this to feature request later.
  6. a great update known bugs were fixed. need to explore new feature! and furthermore finding bug 😁
  7. it works on Bluetooth flawlessly even dvc is on and audio ducking is pretty audible. tested yesterday.
  8. still not correct in my case. my work around is disable dvc for wired headset. i qoute "it's 𝚙𝚛𝚘𝚋𝚊𝚋𝚕𝚢 working fine in 903". I can't remember what version is working fine at any setting but theres one.
  9. fter at PA903, after playing the settings with dvc, equ, and outputs. results are the same. aaudio ouput does not lower the volume even dvc,equ are off. openes sl and audiotrack are okay even dvc is on(there's a slight difference on volume ducking if it is off) bottomline it works fine. haven't tried on Bluetooth.
  10. i'll try to reproduce this in 903.
  11. i'm agree vibration is the only indicator that notifications arrive however in my case it plays but volume does not dip. opensl es, audiotrack-volume ducking is fine when dvc is off. hi res- dvc on/off, volumes ducks. aaudio- whether dvc ,equ,tones,limit are off. volume does not duck
  12. okay heres my final verdict, duck volume mess with equalizer, and AAudio output but not with tones,stereo,limit,tempo and in terms of audio output, opensl and audiotrack outputs suits when equalizer is off. real culprit is DVC.
  13. could you please investigate why is it happening? heres my settings 7-2-21-07-06.poweramp-settings
  14. okay i'll give it a shot edit: as 903 uni. duck volume performs well. notification sound is pretty noticeable.
  15. no, just default values for output modes. this occurs in wired headset and Bluetooth connection. sometimes its working but audio duck is not good, it Lowers the volume but not significantly prioritizing the notification sound and somehow can't distinguishable and there are times that its not working-just no ducking effect. i tried fresh installation as of now, which is 905 play version and no good too.
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