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  1. redlith

    Poweramp Build 820

    well i assumed that this might be firmware related problem. i upgrade my zenfone 5z to Pie OS, before that, in oreo firmware i did'nt encounter this problem.. i used to toggle on the dvc @ hi-res output setted to 384khz,volume is at 100,using a hi-res supported earphone and everything works fine. i update to Pie os, and this problem occurred.. i use PA v818 all the time.. next,i upgrade to v820 thinking that it would solve but still same problem.
  2. redlith

    Poweramp Build 820

    Is it normal to have a low volume when when dvc is enabled at hi-res and frequency is calibrated to 384khz?
  3. redlith

    Poweramp Build 818

    makikiapir na din ako. hahahha
  4. redlith

    Poweramp Build 815

    notice some irregular display of elements. i'm using build 815. whenever i'm adjusting the knob ,the value zooms in until it can't be seen. not only the l/r output but also stereo expansion and volume knob.
  5. redlith

    Poweramp Build 815

    nice new layout and options to be test. merry christmas too Maxmp
  6. 1. Asus Zenfone 5z 2. Stock Rom 3. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eyzdHbvgaxV_vx-lw32hd7PgvY0O_y0Q/view?usp=sharing im using Build 807. does this build support hi-res on my phone? Thanks in Advance (i'm uploading the audio_policy of mine just for countermeasure) audio_policy.conf.txt
  7. is this normal? when hi-res output is selected for wired headset then direct volume control is enabled.. playback is directed to speaker.. and when dvc is disabled it is playing back normally in wired headset but the quality of sound is somehow reduced. im using 802 build.
  8. everything works fine in 5.0 firmware, except long pressing in MusicFx it does'nt show default Equalizer..and when enabled together with Poweramp Eq,Tone,Limit....a bit weird on playback because its like in a reverb situation though reverb option is not enabled.but Great Work! hope there's an option on how to see the "next track" or next song.. not just bitrate (44.1khz,320kbps,mp3) on lower portion of the main ui.
  9. now testing.. thanks max. feedback later.
  10. redlith

    Queue Crash , Poweramp Build 796

    sticking to alpha build 708.
  11. Poweramp v3:add some option in setting that swiping up/down, left/right can be enable or disable..if not. add some feature for swiping down gesture like previous folder/albums to be played..uhmm like in Poweramp v3 alpha build 708..to maximize the app. add some meta feature option like "next track" ..intead of displaying bitrate codec only in latest build 796 i think those are some features in alpha build might be good to adapt in beta build..
  12. redlith

    Wrong number of total tracks displayed

    i got this same problem.. set the option " ignore tracks duration less than " to "don't ignore-iclude all" ,,,then go to recently added. here you can find some tracks that are 0:00 play them to reveal or knock the database of Poweramp..depending on how much tracks have 0:00, you should play it one by one.
  13. redlith

    Poweramp crash/bugs

    i'm using Poweramp v3 build 796 in lollipop 5.0 stock rom, x86,intel procie. here are some bugs i noticed and went to crashed the app. -after the album is finished playing..queuing cause the app to crashed. or if only i play 1 song and its finish.. it crashes while a random song is playing in the background. --on the above problem, swiping from lockscreen ui also tends to force close the app whenever the queue is done. -music fx long press option. not working. nothing more. i like the improvements done on this version versus earlier version..it displays now elements correctly..looking forward for latest release. go on for the development..keep it up!