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  1. Disconnecting the headset while music is playing is a very common use case. It also sometimes happens accidentally. This is why most apps auto-pause the audio when this happens. However, just about any Android music player I've used handles this by keeping a notification going, so that playback can be quickly resumed once the headset is reconnected. Only Poweramp doesn't do this.
  2. @maxmp Still have this issue of the notification disappearing when headphones are plugged/unplugged. I would appreciate a reply that you have acknowledged this bug. Thanks!
  3. I still have this issue, where disconnecting/reconnecting a wired headset immediately kills the Poweramp notification.
  4. @maxmpThe Notification always disappears for me, if music is paused and headphone cable is plugged/unplugged. The notification immediately dies. I have both Keep Notification and Always Keep Notification enabled, and I've tried enabling Keep Service as well. It still happens. None of my other music player apps have this issue. Thanks.
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