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  1. Can we have option like in Neutron where the sample rate that being use same as music file's sample rate. It just I have 48khz,44.1khz and 192khz and its getting dull to change everytime.
  2. Me working perfectly,the album name is 伝,it has RD-Sounds,nayuta,めらみぽっぷ ,Φ串Φ as artists and it neatly in one album no duplicate album with a same name whatsoever.But my problem is even though I tagged the songs in that album with album artist "RD-Sounds" it shown as めらみぽっぷ instead like in the ss. @maxmp about the cover art,I put image in the folder but it doesn't show up.Should I just embed it to the whole musics file?
  3. Any way to change the waveform seekbar to the classic line one?
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