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  1. its ok, its good to know that someone is working on this. i will wait for the release in play store.
  2. just created in Poweramp ok, i can export the playlist and import them later if they disappear but what about other lists like top rated songs, recently played, recently added?
  3. I unmounted my sd card and then reinserted it afterwards Then songs in my playlist are all gone... Is there a way to make them stay even after sd card unmount?
  4. Songs stutters, sometimes skipping 1 second, while playing on bluetooth device. I've tried to reproduce this by playing songs on different music players (Samsung music player) and bluetooth devices. It seems only occurs while using Poweramp Use Wakelock and Keep Service doesnt help. Is there other settings that i can tweak?
  5. Samsung player's "sort by date added" option sorts songs by the file creation date (i think, anyway songs sort in the correct order). However Poweramp's sort only affects songs added after the app initializes. Not sure this is a bug or a limitation.
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