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  1. Alex Platonov told me to try an older Yahoo app. Does anyone knows a version that works? I tried some very old (V2 & V3), but these are not working on my phone (Android 6.0.1) The app stopps while starting or loading... So long, i tested these, but they are not running on my phone: 5.3.1 4.9.2 3.1.3 3.0.25 2.6.6
  2. I already did! And i sent all screenshots. This is the answer: "This error is reported when: - Restore Website Purchase option used or website Unlocker version is installed - there are no Google or Email accounts registered on the device More details - APM response - No valid google accounts" But i tried all this... My Yahoo account is registered on the device!
  3. I have the same problem! My Poweramp activation is still not working. I tried everything... The problem: "Überprüfung des Kaufs fehlgeschlagen, dieses E-mail.Konto ist auf dem Gerät nicht registriert! - (yahoo email account not registered) Here are my facts: - running on Samsung S5 with Android 6.0.1 - Yahoo-Mail - i can check my mails on the phone - Yahoo mail is registered in accounts - i downloaded the akp from website (Poweramp-2.0.10-build-588-uni.apk) - i purchased the unlock-code
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