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  1. I like the option to chose between the two rating system. I would like to view the rating in every list view, no matter if stars or thumbs. Thanks!
  2. Hi, My first post in here so I hope I am in the right place. First of all, thank you for your amazing job. This app is among the best ever made IMHO. I personally liked the old UI style but new one is good and probably just need a bit of a learning curve for me. So no comments at the moment about that. I had a problem in build 793 with the sorting of files in folders that apparently has been fixed in the 795 build. Once again, thank you for your responsiveness and amazing job. I personally like the "thumbs up/down rating method over the stars, but what I actually miss is the ability to see the rating in the song list inside a folder. This would let me play the songs I like the most without remembering the names and with a fast and efficient single tap. One other small feature i really liked was the progress bar in the list view.. the old style progress bar was extremely efficient and the ability to access to it almost everywhere was really cool. I think I still need some practice with the new progress bar even if I liked the old style a bit more, but I would really like to have the bar in the list view to avoid switching between list and player when looking for some particular song sector. Just giving my personal opinion and politely asking some features. I still believe it's not easy to master an app that was already close to perfection so it's obvious to "bleed" in the subjective area of UI experience. Once again, amazing job and thanks for your effort.
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