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  1. Thank you so much, this fixed my issue! I understand, but gladly I was able to reset it to a different image per track in the same album through the above method. Perhaps it could be made more clear that this is possible, possibly through a "reset selected album art" button?
  2. @andrewilley I tried doing that, but it still changes the cover of every song in the album. It's kind of weird ? And if that was a long-requested feature, I can't find a toggle for it. Perhaps it is a bug? I didn't think it would be, because it worked properly before I changed any cover.
  3. @clever_man yes, each individual song shows a 600x600 image and it says "Embed album art" under it. The "Embed album art" is different for each song. But when I select it for that song, it changes the album art for all the songs in that album. But before I tried changing one of them, all songs had their unique and original cover art.
  4. @clever_man I did this, and now all songs have no cover art. After doing this I also tried to reboot my phone, tried to clear the cache and tried to do a full rescan. No luck so far ?
  5. Hello, I'm running into an issue with the beta that I haven't had before. I have a directory of 46 songs, mp3 format. All songs belong to the same album, and have the same album name. They are properly numbered 1 through 46. Every song has a unique title. Each individual song has it's own embedded album art, 600x600 png. There are no other image files present in the folder where these songs are located. Today, I tried to change the album art of a single song. I selected the song, pressed "Album Art", and picked an image from my gallery. When I changed it, it changed the album ar
  6. Just looked in my settings Audio > Output, for some reason the default for Bluetooth was "AudioTrack Output", and not OpenSL ES Output like AUX uses. Changed it, now it works perfectly again! Thank you!
  7. Hello, Since 3 updates ago (beta version), I can no longer play audio over Bluetooth without the audio being distorted. This only happens when using the equalizer and bass boost at lower volume levels, but if I turn up the volume enough you can also hear it. This only happens when using Poweramp to play over Bluetooth. It does not occur when using any other music player + equalizer, such as Google Play Music with similar equalizer and bass boost. When I hook up my Bluetooth speaker (JBL Charge 3) with an AUX cable, it plays perfectly, just like before the issue started happening
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