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  1. 23 hours ago, Zumby said:

    Sorry, i unistalled compelteley the skin and installed the one of the second link you give and now works ok.

    The one in Play Store gives the issue.

    Thanks for simplicity and square corners!!!

    With new PlayStore update of today it came back as in the picture of first post.... Icons not aligned properly.

  2. Sorry, im not sure this is the right thread for this, if not, just tell me where.

    I found a small error in Spanish translation of UI.

    Whenever word "parlante" appears should be "altavoz", parlante is italian... In English "speaker".

    If of cel, should be "Altavoz Interno", if output "Altavoz Externo", could be also Altavoz Int. and Altavoz Ext. very known this way.

    Just this.

    Good job!

  3. I can see much fussing about the old and new ui... and think that the solution is no so difficult, just adding the old style skin as an option of skins menu as for now we have dark and light choices...already included in version. So any user can choose beteen the rounded cover art and other features from new ui or the, in my humble opinion, more clear and stily old skin. This new one looks a little bit for kids...

    And in some part of forum i read Max is testing and old v2 skin in new V3 version... hope this gets to final.

    Just a suggestion.

  4. Thanx! But my point is that better than in gallery would be songs in songs folder-album so it gets easily spotted and added to the rest songs. For example, in various artists albums when you search for a cover it's stored in gallery begining by artist name-album, not abum only, so if you want that cover in all songs you have to do it one by one looking in gallery everytime. If stored on folder will always appear in cover window search, no need to go to gallery to look for it.

    Sorry I'm not English speaker, maybe cannot get my point clear....

  5. Would be nice to get cover downloaded directly in folders song, album, so everytime you search cover you get the cover in folder. Now you have to go individually and cover is stored in data, so you have to search fir all the songs in album. Also no need to back up album cover, will be always in the folder.

    Maybe nice idea.

  6. I can confirm that changing language to English stop crashing when entering audio engine settings menu.

    Just in case is useful for non English speakers.


    But... crashes when advancing album or after last song of an album. NO advance manual or automatic... crash.

    Just reporting, hope its fixed soon.

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