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  1. With new PlayStore update of today it came back as in the picture of first post.... Icons not aligned properly.
  2. Sorry, i unistalled compelteley the skin and installed the one of the second link you give and now works ok. The one in Play Store gives the issue. Thanks for simplicity and square corners!!!
  3. After yesterday's update I got this. I'm on Oreo 8.1. Thumbs and title and artist data went up a bit.
  4. Hi, thanx for the update, PA is getting nice and powerful. Just one thing, the new features in skin are only in English, for me is not a problem but may be for some other users. Keep the good work!
  5. Or use alternative skin black sample with no blur background, is always black so you see them ok. In latest build works again.
  6. Tested 801 just received update and crash on audio output menu in Spanish language is fixed. ¡Thanx! Also i see you have changed "parlante" for "altavoz" in outputs menu, nice, that's correct spanish. Good job.
  7. Thank you, Max, waiting for 801 for Spanish translation fix, good job.
  8. I changed the UI to english language and it works ok, so its something due to language in interface...
  9. Thank you for the update, but i get force close entering in audio output settings, comes back to settings menu itself. Already sent bug report, but i want to know if someone is experiencing this as well. thanks
  10. Not working, still keeps main colour on bg, not balck as before. So some text cannot be seen when bg is clear.
  11. Yep, also imposible to have black background without blur or anthing. Waiting for fix, Thanx for the goo job.
  12. Guys, this skins black and light are not fully working for in new RC798, i cannot set now black background, only album cover.... happen s to you? Any clues? Skin can be updated? thanks a lot
  13. Sample skin dark v3 stopped working in this build... Any suggestions? The one with title outside under the cover.... Dammit
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