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  1. Rainbow is a brand new and unique skin that will change completely the look of your favourite music player: Poweramp.

    ONLY Poweramp Version 3.0 supported! (build 795+)

    • Black theme with 10+ accent colors options and 5+ backgrounds colors options
    Choose your favourite background and mix it with your favourite color!
    Saving battery on phones with AMOLED display
    • Adaptive icon
    • App launcher: stable and with the essential informations

    If you want an accent/background color to be added just hit me up on PM

    Special thanks to @maxmp : First for the new version 3.0! The look is amazing and as a developer i can image how much work has been put on it! Second for providing a very well made template for build our skins! The template was done clearly. I will personally add something to the template via GitHub if Max likes it. Third thanks Max for helping me yesterday when i had some issues!

    DOWNLOAD: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=it.folgore95.pa

    NEWS: Guys! We are building some unique updates and something new! 

    Meanwhile we opened a page to follow us and to chat with us if you have any type of issue -> Follow Us on Facebook


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