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  1. 2 hours ago, hypomaniac-eric said:

    how do you change the background colors on the EQ screen?  If i select more then one color at a time it doesn't show but just one color so I'm confused how that works.  I thought it was advertised to mix colors.   and how do you change the colors of the player screen besides black?  when i use black the buttons hardly show up.   the highlights are so dark they don't show up well.   

    Can you post screen?

    You can mix accent and background colours by going to Poweramp skin settings. You will see a lot of options with switches. Select your favourite and turn them on :)

  2. 41 minutes ago, BROKEN said:

    I understand that, but again, that's only going to be a togglable option, correct?

    btw, why is the text going to bold out of the blue?

    Absolutely yes man, that option is going to be a toogable option. In particular it will be not active by default. The user will have to active it.

    About the text you probably actived bold option :D


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