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  1. Exactly. For changing colors without options and by adding hex ( hexadecimal ) colors Max must add something in Poweramp code for it
  2. Actually it's impossible to mix some particular things like icons due to resources folders :/. The only way is that Max adds something for developers
  3. I don't know. The other skin is developed by a friend. He will soon join here
  4. New update!! Version 3.0: - Added a new beautiful playing screen with a clear album cover ( no buttons on it ) and a new playing bar -> check it under skin options - Bug fixes Don't forget also to check BlackLight, another premium skin: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.minar.blacklightpa
  5. Or maybe it's just the sample skin copied and posted ahah I have plans to brings lot of cool features.
  6. UPDATE 2.0! - Added option to hide Poweramp navbar in player - Added 4 different types of music scrolling - Added option to hide icon from launcher - New design for launcher app - Fixed FC on Lollipop devices - Much more
  7. Can you post screen? You can mix accent and background colours by going to Poweramp skin settings. You will see a lot of options with switches. Select your favourite and turn them on
  8. Absolutely yes man, that option is going to be a toogable option. In particular it will be not active by default. The user will have to active it. About the text you probably actived bold option
  9. The next update will be very awesome. In terms of skin design and in terms of code. Stay tuned
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