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  1. update: after enabling usb dac setting at settings > audio > output > hi-res output the problem was solved. but i have a new problem now: in that menu, sample format is shown as 24-bit, but i have a 32 bit dac? how do i change the sample rate?
  2. @andrewilley thanks for the reply. My Hi-Fi DAC is 32 bits and It has ES9028C2M + Sabre9602C chipset. I experienced some weirdness when I'm doing what you recommended. When the volume is 97% or higher, there is no blowing effect in the sound, no matter what the value of the pre-amp gain. When I lower the volume to 96% or lower, the sound starts to blow immediately and I can only correct it with lowering the pre-amp to very low levels, and the volume of the sound becomes very low. There is no such problem when I use my headphone jack.
  3. I'm using Nokia 8 (TA-1012) with "LG hi-fi plus afd-1200 with b&o play" external hi-fi DAC. When I boost bass, I think Poweramp doesn't limits the sound, and audio output sounds like explosion. Notes: * I'm connecting hi-fi DAC to my Nokia 8 via USB type-c port (my phone has a 3.5 mm jack output but i don't use it) * There is no such issue at v2 with the same configuration. * The older build of v3 has this issue too. Correction: I'm experiencing this issue when these bars exceeds their limits.
  4. The title is clear, I think. The app icons (like the icon of "all songs" in the library or "shuffle" icon) looks very old. I think they are with us since Android 2.x times. It may be a good idea to refresh the icons. (I'm using v3 build 795) Note: I searched forum to avoid creating duplicate topics, but I didn't found one. Sorry if there exists one.
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