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  1. Popular feature. waiting for this as well.
  2. Thanks Fox. I am waiting for this, and can't wait The shuffle algorithm in Google Music = poo. I get the same 20 to 50 songs playing all the time out of a 700 song playlist when I do shuffle. So annoying. But I love Google's cloud service for Music, and how you can upload up to 20K of songs (I have over 700). Everyone else charges by the gig and I don't like that. I am downloading my main playlists to my phone now so that I can run them through Poweramp. Need it for the gym and I can't take that bad shuffle anymore.
  3. Just checking in on status of integratimg with google music.
  4. Well, hopefully this happens. I keep hearing how great this app is, but I can't use it till it interacts with my google stuff
  5. This app was recomended to me tonight. I am just checking on the status with google music and streaming from its cloud. My entire collection is there.
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