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  1. Lg g6 fulmics rom 4.2 android v7 I've just got the beta. Gone to albums, list options, and choosing album artist (btw, remove the "/" between the two words, if indeed the option is to sort by album artist) the app crashes each time. I've sent two error reports via email. This for me is the biggest feature, as I don't see well trying to find the right album is difficult enough, without the compilations being all over the place. Thanks for the work though.
  2. So updated to the beta, and found the option, but it crashes every time I try to sort. I've sent the feedback, but do I need to pay details in the forum too? (Thanks again for advice)
  3. it doesn't look like that. I guess I'm not on the latest version, so apologies. I will download from here. Thanks
  4. I'm not sure what the four squares are, but if I go to library, then album, select three 3 dots, list options, I only have artist, not album artist listed
  5. I've notice for some time that albums with album artist as "Various Artists" don't sort on that, but on the first track artist. Viewing albums, sub sorted by artist is a lovely feature, but it would be so much easier if they recognised the album artist, or you had the choice to sub sort by that.
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