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  1. I can confirm this. Alternative layout is the issue but disabling and re enabling makes it to work but don't know whether how long it will work. Btw please don't remove alternative layout from Poweramp that's my favorite layout
  2. Me too, After full rescan it's fine but after few hours it's acting same. I'm trying to avoid looking at it untill this issue get fixed
  3. Yep, me too. Firstly I thought there'is may be an issue with settings file that I have exported before upgrading to pie so I did the configuration from scratch but still facing this issue.
  4. Thank you for the fast reply. Sometimes it shows it correctly but it most of the time this bug appear. Can you guide me how to delete my music library information and recalibrate it ? To check whether that'll resolve this issue
  5. I have only attached one picture since I only allowed to upload one picture. The problem describes in the title and my phone information as below Phone - Huawei Nova 3i Android - 9.0 Pie Poweramp Version - V3 Build 821 Play (Full Version) Beta Tester through play store
  6. I didn't check that option in the settings anyway in default it disable
  7. I'm facing new bug in the latest beta version from play store. The player service and widget service (I don't use any widget on my homescree lol ) running in background even without playing anything (PA cleared from recent menu as well). I previously had old alpha build but i didn't face such kind of issue previously. I have already play around in Poweramp settings and disable some settings like headset change listener and wakelock settings but it didn't change anything. I have attached the screenshot of running services Device Info Note 5 Android7.0 Poweramp Beta-Build-793-play
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