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  1. Does it while playing an album or playlist. Sometimes it doesn't do it. But for most of the day at work it did stop at the end of each song
  2. On 799. Music stops at the end of every song. Than have to hit play again. Wakelock and keep service have been ticked with no change as well.
  3. And when was that ever an option???
  4. Toggle for wave bar seek and bottom line seek would make this almost perfect for me. I just want that wave bar GONE for good and keep the bottom. But I know there will be plenty of people that want the opposite. So everyone should win?
  5. Ummm, seriously doubt that will ever happen...and y? Ur already listening to Em, expect cursing on every song or don't listen. Bangin album though.
  6. Wow what a great day, Poweramp release and Em. Seriously both killer releases!
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