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  1. I am a new Poweramp user. I wanted to chime in here to say that I also want to be able to play just one song, then pause. In fact I started a redundant thread asking for it ( http://forum.poweram...song-then-stop/ ) before I found out about this thread. I also like andrewilley's implementation suggestions. John
  2. Thanks andrewilley. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who wants this function and that it's being worked on. (I did search before posting, but the search engine told me that all my search words (play one song then stop) were four characters or less, and therefore not allowed. :-(
  3. If I tap on a song in a folder, Poweramp plays that song, then it continues on to play another song. And then another, etc. My request is that if I tap on a particular song file in folder view (or if I send it a song to play, via file association, from a file browser app), that Poweramp play just that song, and then stop. Don't play any more files. I can understand that many won't want this behavior, But at least, please make it an option.
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