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  1. Freddy Daniel

    cloud player

    We are not living in iron Age. 200mbps here
  2. Freddy Daniel

    Develop video plugin

    I'm not here to join as plugin developer. I don't have time for it. Also i don't think so developers allow it. It's not maintainable because upcoming updates may become incompatible with third party plugin. It should be provided officially. If that's not possible. Let ignore this topic.
  3. Freddy Daniel

    Develop video plugin

    Hope once upon a time developers forced to implement this feature, The first mobile phone was created only for calling. But today is it only for calling? Technology is growing faster, i don't think develop a video plugin will completely broke Poweramp. I'm developer too, that's why I'm requested video playing feature as plugin. Plugin can be ignored if user don't like. Thanks for sharing your opinion
  4. Freddy Daniel

    Develop video plugin

    There's no player better than Poweramp
  5. Freddy Daniel

    Develop video plugin

    I'm not satisfied with your answer, because everyone knows Poweramp is a music player. Did you know winamp player, i guess you know
  6. Freddy Daniel

    Develop video plugin

    I know Poweramp is an audio player. Let developers focused on audio. But there's no video players with such great sound quality as well as Poweramp. It will be better if we had basic video playing plugin with basic controls. I'm playing sound with Poweramp and watching video in other player and I'm manually sync audio video in both players. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm always choosing best for me, there's no sacrifices. Now days new smartphone capable of doing anything without lagging. Then why not provide an basic video plugin that can be installed after Poweramp. If user not like this feature he can ignore this plugin. This will never affect quality of the product because plugin stay independent. Thanks for reading my opinion (Freddy Daniel <freddy.send@gmail.com> )