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  1. I think you missed the whole point I was trying to make. I didn't mistake "repeat" for "shuffle." Nothing in my post indicated any lack of understanding of the many (confusingly different) things the "shuffle" button does in different situations. Please read again what I asked: When I load a playlist (which is often), or a queue, there are two buttons that will begin playing music: one for play (a triangle) and one for shuffle (two arrows twisted together). Elsewhere in Poweramp, the twisty arrows symbol means "shuffle all songs": here it means something different. Use a different symbol, and be consistent. Worse, pushing that button defaults to "shuffle all songs and all lists." Why is that the default? I always choose "shuffle this [gosh darn] list". Why won't Poweramp remember this choice? The question is about the difference between "shuffle" (the twisty arrows in the picture above), "shuffle all songs in a list" (the twisty arrows, with three small rectangles to the left), and "shuffle all songs and all lists" (the twisty arrows, with rectangles to the left, two rectangles underneath, and a wee small arrow at the bottom left). in prior versions of Poweramp, the "shuffle" button you depict only meant one thing, and it meant the same thing in every situation in which it appeared: shuffle every single song in the whole library, in my case, all 22,000. Now, it only has that meaning on the main screen when playing a song. When I load a queue, or a playlist, its meaning changes. That is what is confusing. Here is the screen that is the actual subject of my prior post: this is the screen that comes up after I tap on a playlist. You will see, under the name of the playlist (here "after hours"), the "shuffle" icon. Here, it does not mean "shuffle every song in the whole damn library." It means something else. This is inconsistent and needs correcting. When I get to this screen what I want to do is shuffle the songs in the playlist I just selected. I don't want to command Poweramp to shuffle all songs and all playlists, but that is what it does when I hit the "shuffle" icon. That's bad on two counts: the icon doesn't match the command, and the option I want isn't there. So I tap the mislabeled "shuffle" icon. It gives me a "pop-up" to tell me that I have just told Poweramp to shuffle songs and categories, something that doesn't match the icon. It plays a random song from the playlist (which is what I wanted to do). So I tap on the song, a (too) narrow horizontal band at the bottom. (In the screenshot, it reads "The One I love"). It brings up the "main" screen, which now shows a different "shuffle" icon, the one for "shuffle songs and categories." Note that I never told the program to make that choice. What I wanted was "shuffle just songs." I have to tap twice more. I shouldn't have to do that. In fact, that should be the option when you reach the screen depicted above, upon selecting a playlist or queue. And I don't think it's too egotistical to say that it should be the default choice on that screen, and depicted with the correct icon. Moreover the screen above should allow you to tap the "shuffle" icon repeatedly to get the option you want, just as Poweramp does elsewhere. Are we clear now? Or are you gonna send me another picture of the "repeat" icon?
  2. It's been a few days. Frankly I'm finding more bugs than I ever expected when I first got the beta. (I have 797). I would love to know if they will be fixed. 1. I can't get the queue to start playing immediately after an album. It sometimes plays after a single song, which is what the setting says is the default (it isn't), but this is inconsistent. The folder setting is too obscure: I don't know tech, but I know how to communicate in English, and this doesn't. It says that turning it on will get rid of the default setting that moves to the queue after a single song. It doesn't do that, and it is not clear what it is supposed to do. I want to move from any completed list to the queue: that was easy in the old version and completely unavailable in this one. 2. Sometimes when I'm playing an album, Poweramp just stops playing after one or two songs. Why? 3. When it does this, it's sometimes associated with a song scrobbling to Last FM that I never played. For example, I was playing Regina Carter, and Last FM told me I was scrobbling the Rolling Stones. WTF? 4. When I load a playlist (which is often), or a queue, there are two buttons that will begin playing music: one for play (a triangle) and one for shuffle (two arrows twisted together). Elsewhere in Poweramp, the twisty arrows symbol means "shuffle all songs": here it means something different. Use a different symbol, and be consistent. Worse, pushing that button defaults to "shuffle all songs and all lists." Why is that the default? I always choose "shuffle this [gosh darn] list". Why won't Poweramp remember this choice? 5. When you touch a song on certain lists, it starts to play. WTF? ONLY the play button should start the music playing. I woke up my wife at 3AM, and now I'm in big trouble and it's your fault. I thought I'd get more and more used to the upgrade. Instead, I like it less and less, the more I use it.
  3. Got the free skin. It's nice, but it doesn't solve the clutter problem, the buttons too big problem, the ugly problem, or other confusing aspects of the UI. I don't think a skin necessarily can: if Max says something will be on screen and not a menu, or that the "shuffle all songs" icon will sometimes mean "shuffle only this list," my understanding is that the skin will agree with him.
  4. Okay, I added 240 or so visualizations from Project M. That worked, but comparing the two programs leaves me thinking that the visualization on Poweramp really needs to incorporate more (open source) code and ideas from ProjectM. Specifically: (1) in Poweramp, the visualizations abruptly change from one to the next. In ProjectM, they slowly fade, one overlaid with the next, which is really cool. (2) ProjectM accommodates the highest resolution screen you can throw at it (mine's a Note 9), and Poweramp does not. (3) In ProjectM, you can easily change to the next visualization by swiping: any gesture that does the same in Poweramp, without going into a menu, would be good. (4) This one would be difficult (since it might interfere with the music player), but in Poweramp, touching the screen while the visualization is displaying makes it interactive: your finger draws a "trail" that is manipulated with the beat of the music and with the graphics of the vizualization. To do this in Poweramp would require that, like ProjectM, the visualization stay on until there's a double tap on the screen, reserving single touches for the visual effect. Just a suggestion.
  5. Yes, it very well should be: it's a setting. It should be opt in. And tapping the song should work the same in "full screen" as in "fade" as in "no visualization" , instead of behaving differently depending on the visualization setting.
  6. thanks for the tip. I'll try that. First I gotta figure out where they are now. ProjectM is the open source continuation of milk drop, for android, as I understand it.
  7. thanks. I just got here. I will seek them out. May need help downloading and running them: I'm a music person, but definitely not a tech person.
  8. i agree with Flake. Also, before you all came out with v.3, I was a longtime fan of projectM. I'd like to import those visualizations into Poweramp, but I see no way to get them. Please add that functionality.
  9. I like the visualizations, but not all the time. The old UI was clunky, and I don't think the new one is much better, but the new one is here to stay, so I don't think the comparisons are useful. Better to improve the new one. There needs to be an option to declutter and simplify, to just see the album art, play, stop, go back, go next, and nothing else (with everything else set someplace else). (Car mode anybody?) There needs to be a way to set the amount of time the main screen lingers before fading to visualization. The main screen really needs to declutter: the old one was better in that sense. I mean,, for example, why in the world would "44.1KHZ 128KBPS MP3" be on the MAIN screen? Why would the play button be so large: am I really going to have to search for it if it were a little smaller? What's wrong with some buttons bringing up menus (e.g a visualization menu) and others not? Why would the lock menu be separate from the rest of the visualization menu?
  10. I don't use ratings. I'm a bit of a Luddite: I suspect, rightly or wrongly, that rating something will affect whether it's given equal treatment by the randomizer. What I'd really like is to be assured that when I hit "shuffle" each song in the queue has exactly an equal chance of being played, and that anything played once will not be repeated. I have my suspicions about this in version 2, and hope, in version 3, that no matter how many times I play something, or how high I rate it, it won't be played in "shuffle" more often than any other song.
  11. More about the ugly. The main screen that is displayed when first starting to play a song is cluttered and, well, ugly. As stated before, there is plenty of room to leave the album art unmolested, and put the track name, album title and artist name underneath. There should be an option to display, or not, any or all of these three items. The album art should be most of the display, without any margins or bezels. Why display that tiny little bit that says "44.1KHZ 320KBPS MP3"? No doubt to some this is very important information, that can be looked up with the tags, but totally unnecessary to the main display. Please omit it. The control buttons are way too large and splashy (my grandma would say ungapatchka): tone them down, and make all controls (play, forward, backward, library, search, shuffle, etc) the exact same size. Emphasize the play one with its circle, and program a highlight for the one being "clicked" or tapped. Consider having fewer controls on the main screen: I love swiss army knives, but they can be confusing. Personally, I think one button that brings up all four items at the bottom (library, equalizer, search and options) would be much better. In fact, it could include the fade and sleep timer button, so you'd have just one, preferably bottom right. Bottom left could be shuffle, middle could be repeat, above that the (smaller, toned down) controls, and then you'd be in business. The "visualization" is too confusing, and I couldn't get it to work as I expected. I fiddled with it quite a bit: visualization kept going full screen before I was ready, and I couldn't get it to wait longer. I couldn't find any option to just stare at the album art, or turn on projectM. Okay, after awhile I figured out that you weren't just flashing bars, and you had some "milk drop" visualizations, but I couldn't find a way to pick them, or turn them on or off, or move from visualization to visualization without swiping to the next song. Old Poweramp integrated with projectM: this does not. Can we turn off the native Poweramp visualization? Or, here's a suggestion, have the extra controls slowly fade after 15 seconds, leaving only the album art, track info and back/pause/forward? Tapping can bring them back. Just a suggestion.
  12. Just downloaded it. I'm an old guy, listening to alot of music, and I need alot of explanation in order to navigate new apps. I find a few things confusing (but figured them out eventually). Could be alot clearer. I've got some very large playlists: basically whole genres, but mashed up (e.g., psych-folk with Indian classical). Old Poweramp: I'd long press the playlist, then shuffle. New Poweramp: short press on the playlist and press play. But this is confusing, because the "shuffle" symbol has a different meaning here than elsewhere. Here, it means we are staying in the playlist (whew!) and shuffling, where elsewhere a different symbol is used for stay in playlist but shuffle. While the shuffle pop-ups have vastly improved explanation, it is confusing when different symbols mean the same thing, or the same symbols mean different things. Also: the black stripes used as background for artist and track names are way too large and ugly. Can we get some options? Can we have the names underneath the cover art? More after getting used to the new program.
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