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  1. More about the ugly. The main screen that is displayed when first starting to play a song is cluttered and, well, ugly. As stated before, there is plenty of room to leave the album art unmolested, and put the track name, album title and artist name underneath. There should be an option to display, or not, any or all of these three items. The album art should be most of the display, without any margins or bezels. Why display that tiny little bit that says "44.1KHZ 320KBPS MP3"? No doubt to some this is very important information, that can be looked up with the tags, but totally unnecessary to the main display. Please omit it. The control buttons are way too large and splashy (my grandma would say ungapatchka): tone them down, and make all controls (play, forward, backward, library, search, shuffle, etc) the exact same size. Emphasize the play one with its circle, and program a highlight for the one being "clicked" or tapped. Consider having fewer controls on the main screen: I love swiss army knives, but they can be confusing. Personally, I think one button that brings up all four items at the bottom (library, equalizer, search and options) would be much better. In fact, it could include the fade and sleep timer button, so you'd have just one, preferably bottom right. Bottom left could be shuffle, middle could be repeat, above that the (smaller, toned down) controls, and then you'd be in business. The "visualization" is too confusing, and I couldn't get it to work as I expected. I fiddled with it quite a bit: visualization kept going full screen before I was ready, and I couldn't get it to wait longer. I couldn't find any option to just stare at the album art, or turn on projectM. Okay, after awhile I figured out that you weren't just flashing bars, and you had some "milk drop" visualizations, but I couldn't find a way to pick them, or turn them on or off, or move from visualization to visualization without swiping to the next song. Old Poweramp integrated with projectM: this does not. Can we turn off the native Poweramp visualization? Or, here's a suggestion, have the extra controls slowly fade after 15 seconds, leaving only the album art, track info and back/pause/forward? Tapping can bring them back. Just a suggestion.
  2. Just downloaded it. I'm an old guy, listening to alot of music, and I need alot of explanation in order to navigate new apps. I find a few things confusing (but figured them out eventually). Could be alot clearer. I've got some very large playlists: basically whole genres, but mashed up (e.g., psych-folk with Indian classical). Old Poweramp: I'd long press the playlist, then shuffle. New Poweramp: short press on the playlist and press play. But this is confusing, because the "shuffle" symbol has a different meaning here than elsewhere. Here, it means we are staying in the playlist (whew!) and shuffling, where elsewhere a different symbol is used for stay in playlist but shuffle. While the shuffle pop-ups have vastly improved explanation, it is confusing when different symbols mean the same thing, or the same symbols mean different things. Also: the black stripes used as background for artist and track names are way too large and ugly. Can we get some options? Can we have the names underneath the cover art? More after getting used to the new program.
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