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  1. Thanks Max for the reply. I've disabled Tone in the Equalizer, hopefully it fixes the problem. Is that what you mean? However, is that a bug, what will be fixed in the future? It was working like this previously, as far as I remember... What about the OpenSL and the distorted sound problem? That's annoying as hell, eg. when I'm using navigation or just get a notification, please fix it.
  2. I've to correct myself, (the wired headset) Hi-res output has a weaving volume problem (eg. where the bass is high, the other sounds are played in lower volume), so the songs are actually in worst quality than in the OpenSL output, I've to switch to that one. However, on OpenSL output, there is the mentioned distorted sound problem on volume adjustment and notification/navigation sounds. I'm on OnePlus 6, Android 9, on 805. Please fix this ASAP. Thanks.
  3. Unfortunately the distorted sound problem for the speaker is still out there after this update (804), started from the upgrade of my OP6 to Android 9. Can you please check that also? Wired headset and the HQ sound is now ok. Thank you. The ratings are not visible, when I'm using search. Can you please display them also there? (I'm using the 5 star style ratings) One last thing, can you please restore the filters (search) in the current list? Eg in the v2 I could filter out the current year's top rated songs from the Top Rated list. Now it is not possible (AFAIK). Than
  4. Hi, I'm on OnePlus 6, now on stock ROM (Android 9). I'm using the v3 beta builds, now 801. The Hi-res output stopped working (no sound going out at all) after upgrading from Android 8.1 (also makes distorted sounds), I'm so sad, please help me fix it! Thanks, antivirtel
  5. Oh, I see, it was new for me thanks for confirming
  6. Hi, Thanks for the new release. I've found a new UI issue, the waves are not visible, when you have light album art, see the screenshot. What still not resolved, as I wrote in the other topic for the previous release (799), the sound mixing (when a notification comes in), or when I adjust the volume makes the sound/music playing distorted (only with Poweramp, not with eg. YouTube), very very annoying, and since this is a basic functionality, please please fix it ASAP! I can send a video, if you like. What's more, the wired headset Hi-Res mode stopped working. I'm o
  7. Hi Max, Thanks for the update (I'm on 799). It was fine on Android 8.1. Today, I've updated my OnePlus 6 to Android 9. Unfortunately, it started making distorted sounds when I increase / decrease volume, or just a notification came up and making sounds. Same with OpenSL ES and AudioTrack output on speaker. On wired headset, Hi-Res output stopped working, and it does the same with OpenSL ES output... This doesn't happen, when I'm not using Poweramp, and it is fine with YouTube. Please fix this ASAP! I can send you a short video in private if you want.
  8. Hi Max, Thanks for this release. I've two stuffs as a comment: - can you please show the song ratings everywhere? (I'm using the 5 star type) I see them when I'm in Top rated section, but not in folders, and I couldn't really find an option to enable it. - sometimes there is a cracking sound time to time, and I didn't really remember to this in the last release, maybe it is something new. I don't think my headset cable is broken. I'm on OnePlus 6, latest updates, Hi-res output, wired headset. Tell me if you need something else, like debug log/logcat. Ps. The Google P
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