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  1. I have the same issue. For me is seems to be because Poweramp is scanning my library when you start it up. If you just wait it should start playing again when the library scan is complete. Depending on how big your library is the scan could take a while. Forcing the close solves the problem momentarily but unfortunately when you open the app again, it restarts the library scan again which causes the problem again.
  2. I am seeing frequent freezes also after this new upgrade. The player will play a couple of songs and then just freeze. It seems like when I start the app it starts a full scan. Scanning folders starts and the player responds as usual while the count is going, I can pause, skip to the next song/album etc, but when the count finishes, and "scanning library" comes up, no controls in the player do anything. Waiting about 5-10 minutes will straighten things out. Then the app seems to work find until I restart my phone and then a rescan happens again. I have disabled the "Initial Scan" option for the time being I'm tempted to uninstall and rollback to 893. Would I be able to restore settings from a previous backup ?
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