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  1. I have the same problem, in my case though I didn't upgrade to pie, I'm still on Oreo. It seems that something changed in the app if I'm not mistaken. I have disabled the limiter and lowered the preamp and it seems to work now but with lower volume. If something actually changed in the app, could you add an option in the settings to make it work as in previous versions? Thanks 

  2. I simply can't stand the new look: it has become counterintuitive. 1) The new seekbar is awful, even the static one (which i have really struggled finding).  2) I hate that as you touch the cover it brings you to the list.  3) Why do playlists have covers??  4) Where is the "thing" that showed you the number of the song playing in the current list? (I don't know how to call it)  5) Is there a setting to disable touches on the song cover? I don't want to swipe left/right to change song or down to go back to the list.  6) Settings descriptions are confusing and partially translated (I know it is a known issue).  7) Why is everything so big? I'm not blind. I like the covers next to the songs, but keep it simple, and SMALL.

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