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  1. The sound still “stutters” when I use "resume on bluetooth", as I wrote here: Help, please...
  2. Thanks, but did not help. The bug appears only when using the option "Resume on Bluetootth"
  3. After the last update, the sound began to stutter during autorun playback when Bluetooth devices are connected (2 different), while the sound is much louder than it should be. To eliminate it need to turn off the application (such as a cross in the status bar) and start again. A bug does not appear every time, but through time, did not notice the systematics. Previously, this was not. Sony Xperia Z5 Compact (e5823), last avalible stock software ver. Android 7.1.1 Thank. /После последнего обновления стал заикаться звук при автозапуске воспроизведения при подключении блютуз устрой
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