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  1. checking in to say this issue is still not resolved. would love to see it addressed soon.
  2. build - v3-build-864-arm64-play [864004-9ee4df69] phone - xiaomi mi mix 3 android ver - android 10qkq1.190828.002, miui global 11.0.3 | stable 11.0.3 (QEEMIXM) I've noticed a bug that seems to have traveled from one car to another leading me to believe it's not a car problem but rather a Poweramp problem. intermittently, when my car connects via bluetooth, the song displayed would be whatever song was playing right before the actual song that is being played. if you move to the next track on the phone, it starts displaying whatever song was last playing whether swiping backward or forward. i seem to be able to fix this issue by killing Poweramp completely on my phone and restarting it, then hitting play/pause. the correct information then updates in the car. this happened in a 2016 kia forte, and is now happening on a 2019 ford fusion when only using bluetooth and not android auto. it seems to only happen when the car is first connected, or when metadata information is being sent from Poweramp after using an app like pandora or spotify. the actual information being displayed in Poweramp is perfectly fine on the phone. only the data being displayed in the car is affected. I'd love to get a picture or screenshot of this happening but i don't always have someone with me with a camera ready to take a picture of both my phone and the dash of my car showing the problem. I'll try and get one if circumstances align.
  3. I'd like to inform that the bug with hierarchy folder sorting has been resolved it seems. Folders remain in alphabetical order. I even deleted an entire subfolder, rescanned to make sure the listing was gone, and copied it back over and re scanned again. After doing this it appeared in the correct order. I even did again, and i was surprised to see the folder appear instantaneously without having to rescan. Good stuff. Would still appreciate an option to select folder specific sorting, but this will definitely do. Will definitely keep a look out for any other issues.
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