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  1. It's funny because thats exactly how the non beta Poweramp still works. I use musicbee and write the rating into the metadata of every music file. If i then copy those files onto my phone the old Poweramp could perfectly use this saved rating. I don't understand exactly why its a Poweramp only star rating now, why not use the old star rating? Even windows shows the rated stars in file explorer, and it worked before without any playback issues.
  2. I really appreciate the 5 stars rating, thanks for hearing us! However it seems to ignore the rating the files already have set in their metadata. Would it be possible to implement this as well? And save the rating of poweramps star rating in the meta as well? This was the main reason I wanted stars back ?
  3. I also prefer the star rating simply because all music I copy on my phone is already rated with Musicbee on PC. It's saved in its metadata, that way it's really easy to make new playlists. The newest beta caught me ice cold, and to be honest if Poweramp will stick with the thumbs I might go look for another app since the new interface seems very confusing or at least "unclean" too. Also I don't really see the point in thumbs up/down. If I don't like the music on my device, why leave it there or copy it in the first place? For streaming services this makes sense to make it learn the music taste of someone, but for offline players not so much.. Maybe it's possible to make it an option so everyone can decide what system should be used.
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