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  1. The advice from Woper was exactly what I needed. The culprit was a Flashlight app I had installed long long ago. They must have updated the app to start showing ads. Still no idea why it was showing in a Poweramp window, but the flashlight app is gone and so are the ads. Thanks everybody.
  2. Great advice. Followed it and came up with a program I can't remember the last time I used it. Uninstalled it, but I'll have to wait a couple days to see if it was the culprit.
  3. Well, damn. I just got another full screen ad, even after uninstalling a number of programs. I thought I was clean since it's been about 48 hours since the last one. Once again, this was in the Poweramp window (not the actual window, just the one on the app-change screen) and the Internet window. edit: I should mention, I also had a third window open (Waze), and it did not have the ad in it. If I do figure out what program is causing this, trust me I'll be posting its name everywhere I can think of.
  4. Maybe I wasn't clear. I've had Poweramp for many years now, and have also paid for it. This is not a pirate version, and it came from the Play Store. 1. Is it possible to download Poweramp from the Play Store and receive a fake app? There is a supposed link above to the only real version available, which does not point to the Play Store, but it's also in a post from someone that doesn't answer questions. 2. I agree, it's unlikely that I'm the only one with this problem, so the issue is on my end, and not with Poweramp. This is off-topic and probably the wrong place for this question, but is it possible for a malicious app to hijack an existing app window to show fullscreen ads? Maybe it's a bug in Android P that shows the wrong content, as the screenshot shows two windows with the ad? 3. I said above that I've gone through and uninstalled a number of recently installed programs, and I think I've fixed the problem. Time will tell.
  5. So my version "beta-build-793-play (Full Version)" came from the Play store, but it's fake? How do I make sure I have the real deal? I've never manually downloaded anything, just flipped the switch in v2 to join the beta program. All updates have come from the Play store, and the Unlocker seems to have worked with all of them (it indicates I have the Full Version in the settings.) Based on the last post (from Max?), what's going on with the apkmirror link above? I'm not willing to install yet another app store, I already have Play, and Amazon, and Samsung. Is it possible an app can hijack another app window to show fullscreen ads? I've tried finding a way to show which app is showing full screen ads, but the only solutions I've found basically say to start uninstalling recent apps and see if the ads go away. I suspect I managed to get rid of them that way, but I'm not willing to say which app was the culprit in case I'm wrong.
  6. Have ads been added to the Poweramp beta program? I've been having annoying problems with full screen ads when I unlock my phone, and I just took this screenshot after pushing the 'change app' button. It shows the ad inside a Poweramp window, but also shows the same ad in an Internet window.
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