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  1. Seems that I've understood, what was wrong for me with beta builds. On v2 with folder-hierachical lists songs were still sorted with through metadata. And on v3 they are sorted by name(so, some songs are not in place). Is there any way to control sorting logic?
  2. Yes, these buttons are enabled, but they changes to the next list, not to the next folder. I have my music organized like this Music_folder/Artist/Album/song.mp3 So on previous version I was able to do this Library->Folders(Hierarchy) My music folder Long flick on artist folder. On previous version I have button 'play all' Now seems that I have to clear queue and do this And now, when I press '>>' player simply exits queue and don't navigate between folders Upd. Seems that I've understood. I need to go to the lowest level of folder hierarchy and start any song. And after that folder navigation start to work
  3. How can I revert to the old model of folder navigation? Chose folder -> play all songs recursive-> '>>' button for next folder and '<<'for previous? It was killer feature of this player
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