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  1. ıf it's a adware I don't think checking recent apps will work because they usually have blank name. I highly suggest that you should download a anti malware program. If your device is rooted you can change your host file, or download LP and disable ad services of all programs.
  2. I disabled "direct volume control" (DVC) on audio - advanced tweaks and problem solved. Enabling DVC also made my default volume control panel disappear, this is solved too. Music quality got lower tho.
  3. After I updated my Poweramp to 795, my earphone stopped working. Even though i plug my earphone to listen music from Poweramp, Poweramp use my phone's speaker. I tried with other music players and they work. Plus I can't see my default audio panel to lower or higher the music while on Poweramp.
  4. yeah it happens on my mi6 too. 4x2 is buggy too.
  5. shuffle doesn't work on custom playlists. shuffling all music works but when I enable shuffle on my custom playlists it just doesn't work. edit: only shuffle- all songs work. tested on Android 8.0
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