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  1. Check the bug-thread (; Should be addressed by version 798.
  2. No need to whine. The app is more than useable even with the "bug". The issue has been acknowledged and should be addressed in version 798.
  3. Nothing has changed for me with v796. Issues still persist.
  4. I'm experiencing the same issue. Same device as well; HTC U11 Leedroid ROM 8.0. Both OpenSL ES and Hi-Res output do not register bluetooth devices. Toggling the options for bluetooth have no effect at all and are routed through the Speaker (16bit 48khz) output. Tested with UE speakers and ldac enabled sony headphones. Good to hear I'm not alone on this. Cheers
  5. Hi-Res is no longer working over bluetooth. Previously worked in versions <791. 1. HTC U11 2. Stock-based custom ROM (Leedroid 8.0) 3. Snapdragon 835, LDAC bluetooth codec enabled via Sony wireless headphones. Tried again after a clean install of Poweramp 793 (full version, playstore) Any tipps? Cheers
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