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  1. I have been facing audio skip issues since the v858 update even though I didn't make any changes in the settings. I am using a Motorola one action which has an exynos 9609 chip. Plz guide me through this.
  2. It has always been like that. When you delete a song. Poweramp rescans your memory, as a result the songs get reshuffled.
  3. I feel you man. @maxmp Plz look into this problem.??
  4. @maxmp There's a problem with the output when connected to Bluetooth devices. Even though I'm connected to a Bluetooth device, the output is in speaker settings. Thank you. I'm using a Moto X4
  5. Try these settings. The one labeled metal is the one you'd wanna use. Load this and feel the magik.?? last.poweramp-settings.previous last.poweramp-settings
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