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  1. When I'm driving and using Waze, I have a terrible bug, when Waze say something, the audio is all "chopped", it's very unpleasant and I can't understand the Waze instruction....

    Is that something know with the beta?

    I tested using other audio apps and they works perfectly fine with Waze, only this beta of Poweramp produce such weird and disturbing bug....

  2. Hey

    I just installed the update from Google Play and, hell yeah! that's some fresh air, finally something new after years... ?

    The result is great, I like a lot more the UI than before, the same about transitions....


    But even if there's some details I don't like (they are only details), my biggest problem so far is that I haven't found the "most played" list like before, and that's hell of a big issue for me ?

    I hope it will be fixed soon... 

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