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  1. When I'm driving and using Waze, I have a terrible bug, when Waze say something, the audio is all "chopped", it's very unpleasant and I can't understand the Waze instruction.... Is that something know with the beta? I tested using other audio apps and they works perfectly fine with Waze, only this beta of Poweramp produce such weird and disturbing bug....
  2. Thanks, that was not super clear to find! ?
  3. Hey I just installed the update from Google Play and, hell yeah! that's some fresh air, finally something new after years... ? The result is great, I like a lot more the UI than before, the same about transitions.... But even if there's some details I don't like (they are only details), my biggest problem so far is that I haven't found the "most played" list like before, and that's hell of a big issue for me ? I hope it will be fixed soon...
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