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  1. After reading all the feedback, mostly negative. I thought I'd add my two cents. I bought Poweramp 5 years ago, and it was by far the best sounding music player I've heads then or since. I didn't expect it to possibly sound any better but lo and behold I find myself blown away with how good it sounds on every commute. I was one of the ones who wasn't really dying for all the ui changes, always liked functionality over ui since I mainly have it doing blue tooth or shuffling with headphones on... That said I like most the changes especially for such an early beta release. My only requests would be android auto support, and fixing shuffle(which I hear is being worked on). Poweramp is worth every penny I spent 5 years ago and then some, after all these years it's still my most used app. Most developers would've abandoned the "legacy" versions by now or gone ad support... I feel guilty about getting a free upgrade after all this time but but it's greatly appreciated. Thank you for all the thousands of hours of great sounding music while I sit staring at the bumper in front of me, all the hours of music making running tolerable, all the updates that keep making the app better, and for all the time you've invested in making by far the best music player on the app market and always continuing to make it better.
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