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  1. Hi there. Everything is OK now. Thank you.
  2. Since last update my music folder is not listing in alphabet order. Last folder I added was "Wolf Alice" and is listed in first place before folders started with "a". How can I solve it?
  3. Hi there. I tried the new upgrade and it seems the issue remains.
  4. When will be released next beta version? Is really annoying to choose "track number" everytime I use the app or change folder i the same app session
  5. Please solve it!!! Thanks for the answer.
  6. I make it, but somehow Poweramp disables it. I need to choose again and again the track number order instead name. Even in folder I choose it before.
  7. Hello. With the last beta upgrade I lost something. Now the files are ordered by name in any folder/album instead by track number. Even I open latter the same folder/album I must change to order it again by track number instead name. How can I set track number by default as it was before?
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