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  1. It updated by itselfs, so I have newest version but problem stil exist
  2. Hello. When I chose some category (one artist or genre or folder or whatever) and try to shuffle JUST this "selected category" it plays me different songs from dofferent other categories (there were no such problem in a previuos version). Alse the whole shuffle itself works not good. If I have in a shuffled "playlist" for example 1000 songs, I can hear few of them 2-3 times during day, but some of them would not be played for a long long period. Can it be somehow build like if you shuffle one category it builds playlist and already can see all song order. Thank you! Also have problem: I have some songs, I can see them if go to artist all songs, but cant find them in "search". There were just few examples, but they still are. Thank you! Galaxy S9+, last official version of APP, purchased on web page
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