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  1. Hi, Still no crashes, weird but cool. Complete uninstall, reinstall and reset app data seem to do the job... Why previous data reset didn't work? That's the question...
  2. OK but if I manually delete data in app manager, I don't think Google restore it again
  3. I already wipe app data, but I can uninstall et reinstall. How can I be sure Google doesn't restore data from cloud? Edit: OK, so I did it, works fine for now
  4. Answer from Smart Launcher That's very strange, Smart Launcher actually does not recycle notifications pictures (why it should?). Are you using a custom lock screen? For their defense, I tried to use an other media player (Musicolet, not bad but clearly less cool, I already miss PA so much), and no issues appear with notification, track skipping, no system UI crashes...
  5. Well done ! I'm using Smart Launcher but nothing else, so you think it's doing wrong ?
  6. I took them from Android bug report from developer options, not PA
  7. I use developer option's bug report to extract this. I hope it's what you need. Edit : this one seems to be more complete
  8. I have disabled cover upscaling and it seems te be stable now. It was still enabled even after app reset, weird no? Maybe because of I'm part of beta realease in play store Edit : nope still crashes
  9. It still crashes, I deleted app data, hope it will fix. Edit : nope, still crashing... It crashes when I'm in the app and the track is ending
  10. Hi I got Android UI crashes when I tap on next track from the notification. No pb with in-app switching. No pb with screen-off gestures as well. Need to kill to the app (hard to do because of error looping) or wait next song to stop error loop. OnePlus 6 with Poweramp v3 build 865 Android 10 (OOS 10.3.4 non rooted )
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