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  1. Hello Poweramp community! I am a fellow Poweramp user who is wondering if I have potentially just damaged my $500 triple drive earphones (Jerry Harvey Michelle's) due to experimental use of the feature, "stereo x" located within GUI on the tone tab. At first it was hard to even figure out how to even get in stereo x but then once I got the hang of it, it was on to the knobs once getting the hang of the knobs I discovered what sounds I liked and didn't, I noticed loud Pops and Burst sounds happening to my earphones and even a complete faze out! Fortunately none of that seemed to completely break it as they still seemed to be working and I realizing...TAME THE SOUND BEAST INSIDE ME! LOL Is there anyone who has pristine knowledge in audio that can tell me precisely what I experienced and how it may have affected my investment?
  2. Here is THE ANSWER EVERYONE. Mines is set up LOVELY! almost surreal here's how it's done just take your finger and hold on the (word) "STEREO X" (not the button) VOILA! YOUR THERE!
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