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  1. (I thought they would not return the 5 star rating) but after a good time without using Poweramp I see that some things have changed, but I have some suggestions or improvements: - Why is the rating of the songs only seen in the "best rated" list? red arrows - Why is the album first and artist is second? (at least) There should be an option to choose which one to place there and in what order, but I think the "Artist" tag should go first than the "Album" tag (as in many other players) *second image taken of this post: https://forum.powerampapp.com/topic/11359-poll-where-should-the-titleartistalbum-wording-be-displayed-overlaid-over-cover-art-or-below-it/
  2. I don't see much problem with skin, but I think/I prefer that the order should be Artist - Album instead of Album - Artist (as in previous version)
  3. Issues at today (28-Ago) - 5-Star Rating? - Random Songs/lists not work - Only plays 25 songs in list, and reset the list...
  4. - 5-Star rating? - Shuffle/Random songs in list not work!!!!
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